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Stainless Steel Security Sliding Doors

Lets the fresh air in but that’s all. The benefits of our stainless steel security mesh hinged doors are also available in a sliding door. Enjoy the comfort and peace of mind of knowing your home is secure, with the added space-saving benefits of strong, durable, sliding doors. Our security sliding doors are made from…
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Stainless Steel Security Folding Doors

Innovative design that offers comfort and security. The Amplimesh Folding door is a revolutionary new product capable of screening large openings whilst maintaining your view and enhancing today’s lifestyle of in-home alfresco dining. Securing the inside of your home is now a breeze with virtually unobstructed views and an area free of insects. Compromises between…
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Fixed Window Screens

Did you know inviting fresh air flow into your home can be a health benefit To avoid 'Sick Home Syndrome' outdoor air is necessary to reduce the amount of indoor pollutants such as bacteria, mould and mildew. Did you know that a home break-in is more likely to occur through a window than any other…
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SupaScape™ Fire Egress Window Screens

Hard to break in, easy to break out. Feel safe, even in emergency situations. The Amplimesh fire egress security system has been designed and tested to prevent unwanted visitors from entering your home via the windows, but provides you and your family with an escape path in the event of a fire or other critical…
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